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Stephanie Morales, your next HD138 Representative, attributes her success to the perseverance of the immigrants in her family that came to Texas before her.  Her path from a little girl in The Rio Grande Valley to putting down roots and becoming a business owner in Houston was a path paved with many important decisions that led her to where she is now. Running for Texas State Representative! 


Stephanie spent her youth in the Rio Grande Valley where she excelled in band, sports, and various UIL activities at with the support of her mother, a Texas teacher. Stephanie’s mother continually encouraged her to seek out new ways to nurture her thirst for knowledge which led Stephanie to participate in the Duke University TIP Summer Studies Program. It was never a question that she would continue her education past high school, so when it came time to choose a school, Stephanie knew there was no other place for her than Texas A&M University.


While earning her B.S. in Biology at Texas A&M, Stephanie was a member of the Nationally Famous, Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band in the Corps of Cadets where she was able to travel and perform all around the country. Stephanie was given the honor of serving on the Aggie Honor Council her Junior and Senior year where she worked to uphold the integrity of the Aggie Honor Code.


Living so close to Houston throughout her undergraduate years, Stephanie saw the promise of opportunity that the city offered. That promise of opportunity coupled with the diversity of the city, led Stephanie to choose to South Texas College of Law to obtain her Juris Doctor degree.


As a law student, Stephanie’s aggressive schedule outside of the classroom helped mold her into the attorney she is today. Whenever she could, Stephanie worked as a substitute teacher for Houston Independent School District. Her time with HISD played a significant role in her decision to run for office. Stephanie is also an 8-year volunteer of Rodeo Houston, which provides scholarships to many of our Houston kids. Education of our youngest Houstonians is something she is passionate about!


To add to her already impressive resume, Stephanie also spent time interning at Long Star Legal Aid and Fisher Law Office. Her time as an intern inspired her decision to focus her legal work in protecting the rights of adult and juvenile Houstonians. Stephanie joined the ranks of the many Texas attorneys that came before her when she gained her admission to the Texas Bar in April of 2015.


While working as an Assistant District Attorney for Harris County, Stephanie’s insatiable hunger for education led her to her Master of Laws (LLM) degree in International Law with a focus on Immigration Law in 2017.


At the end of that year, Stephanie left the District Attorney’s Office to realize her dream of opening The Morales Law Firm. Stephanie represents clients in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, protects the rights of children and parents in CPS cases, and represent juveniles in juvenile court.  


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