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Children are our future. We need to create a safe learning environment where they can thrive. To do this we need to work on not only getting new teachers, but also retaining the amazing teachers we already have because too many are leaving the profession. Our teachers and school staff need the tools to help our children succeed, they need a State Rep who will be an advocate for public education.


Texas ranks #1 in the number of children in the Foster Care system and our system is extremely broken. From children being trafficked in placements and being housed in offices to caseworkers being overworked, the system needs a complete overhaul. We need someone who has been "boots on the ground" involved in these cases to help fix the system. Stephanie is a CPS attorney with the experience to help fix the system. 




We must keep our children safe. We need to pass common sense gun legislation that makes it harder for criminals and mentally ill individuals to get guns, while still letting honest citizens purchase firearms. (Or what they need to keep themselves safe).



Both sides of the aisle have been pointing fingers at each other and saying the problem is renewable energy or the problem is gas and coal power plants. I believe that the time for finger pointing is over, and we need to invest in getting new renewable energy, while at the same time replacing our ageing oil and gas plants. There is no one solution to keeping the power on, and we must take the best ideas, regardless of who has it, to keep the power on year-round.


Harris County has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country. We must address women's health disparities and restore funding for reproductive healthcare services. Pregnancy and health decisions are personal, which is exactly why our government should not interfere with abortion and healthcare access. Every Texan should have the power to control their own body, personal decisions, and life.


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